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Healing With Nature

A few days ago I was walking back from a lovely dinner when I saw one of the most stunningly beautiful sights of my life: a double rainbow.  One of these extraordinary rainbows would have been gorgeous enough on its own, but the two together made me stop in my tracks – I was absolutely astounded by my gratitude for witnessing something so powerful (before I ran off to find the leprechauns with my pots of gold, of course).

Recently I’ve been walking around barefoot as often as I can, connecting with the Earth and experiencing an odd rock-induced foot massage wherever I go.  I watch the pink-orange sunset every evening and often experience the sunrise as well.  Birds flock to my windows and squirrels meander right up to me begging for food.  I feel like part of the scenery myself – part of the flow of nature; and I have never felt better.

Consider that until rather recently in the development of humanity, we spent most of our time outdoors, and there was no escaping nature.  What has it done to our bodies and spirits to spend the vast majority of time inside temperature-controlled, artificially lit buildings?  Is connecting with nature important?  Have we lost something by adopting an artificial world?

Though there certainly are advantages to the technological advances we have made, I believe that spending time communing with the natural world is essential for optimal health and well being.  One of the reasons I love raw food so much is that I am eating food closest to its natural state.  Animals in nature certainly don’t cook their food, why should I?

Getting some fresh air and sunshine is good for your body and soul – so wander away from your air conditioning and carpet when you get a chance and allow nature to astound and heal you.  When you eat your food, think for a minute about where it came from: a field with a breeze, sunshine and songbirds, perhaps?

Much love,


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