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We are a group of vibrant women bringing you live food love from the beautiful state of Maine!

has been eating exclusively living plant foods since 2007 and loves how incredible she feels. She has a degree in music performance from Chapman University where she studied voice and viola. When she isn’t creating a delicious raw dish, she is hiking, reading, laughing, teaching, singing unabashedly in her shower, or spending quality time with her Vibrant Maine friends.

Jaime holds a degree in Communication and she is now pursuing a second degree as a Spanish language major. She hopes to have her private pilot’s license in the next five years (half way now!). Until then you can find her chomping on chocolate and sneaking garlic into everything, even birthday cake!

Bronwyn is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC where she received her certification in Health Counseling. She has a degree in Culinary Arts and has worked as a Raw Chef. Bronwyn enjoys eating, cooking, playing violin, eating, singing, dancing to hip-hop, eating, and hanging with her gal pals.

You’ll usually find this aspiring herbalist behind the camera at Vibrant Maine (when she is not biking around town, of course). Dedicated to celebrating sustainable culture, Alexis knows that healthy, whole foods are a right, not a privilege. In addition to bringing on revolution, she loves bright colours, patterned headwraps, tea and ritual with friends, and finding ways to serve her communities joyfully.


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