Simplify the Daunting

July 3, 2010 at 4:46 pm Leave a comment

The most common excuse people offer for not pursuing a healthier diet is that they could never give up a certain food.  Sometimes their guilty pleasure is cheese, other times chocolate cake, steak or bacon.  Regardless, the thought of letting go of this tasty treasure is too daunting and they are therefore unwilling to take steps toward a healthier diet.

Here is the secret: you never have to decide to give anything up forever.  All you ever have to do is choose to eat healthy things today.  Today’s choices have nothing to do with yesterday’s choices or tomorrow’s choices.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are free to choose a chocolate souffle tomorrow… but today we are empowering ourselves with organic, whole, vibrant foods.

It is my belief that eating well never has to be a question of willpower.  When I got to the point of eating 100% raw vegan foods, it felt like a relief.  I was so excited to feel better and could not wait to try out some new foods.  This only happened for me, however, after years of starting to include some healthier items into my standard American diet, and educating myself about the benefits of plant foods and the various scary side effects of processed junk food.  I started to notice how my body felt after eating one food or another, and as a result I naturally noticed myself avoiding the foods that made me feel worn down or poisoned.

Some people will find themselves attracted to a strict dietary lifestyle change, others will be more interested in a moderate approach.  Either decision can have a very positive effect on health and wellbeing.  Regardless, no one ever has to make a dietary choice for the rest of their life – just decide for today, for this meal, this bite.  The rest will work itself out effortlessly if you listen to your body and its true cravings.



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