Ideas for Spring

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Spring is a time for lovely new beginnings and inspiration. Clean your house, get some sun, plant a garden, smell the roses, eat some dandelion leaves, and…

1) Embrace the power of change

When I was growing up, I had an interesting and consistent method for releasing lethargic despair and becoming inspired and hopeful again: I would stay up late into the night and completely rearrange the furniture in my room.  When I woke up the next morning in what felt like a brand new room, it was like all the sadness that had been plaguing me had disappeared with the previous day’s furniture formation.  Changing seemingly insignificant aspects of your life can have a truly transformative effect on your state of mind, creativity, and can even motivate you to make larger positive changes in your life that may have seemed daunting before.  Moving furniture is one tried and true method – and here are some more ideas for you to ponder:

  • Take a new route home.  Even if it takes you slightly out of the way, driving in new places can keep you on your toes, introduce you to interesting places you did not know existed, and prevent you from getting so stuck in your typical routine that you stop seeing the several exciting possibilities life has to offer.
  • Write and send a snail-mail letter to someone.  Whether you choose a loved one you communicate with regularly, an old but distant friend, an acquaintance, or someone you have never even met, it is bound to be an interesting experience.  Let’s face it – most of us have not received a handwritten letter from a friend in about a decade.  It would be nice.  Find some stationary that appeals to you, sit down with the drink of your choice (herbal tea, green juice, straight-up vodka), grab a fun writing utensil, and start writing!  Maybe throw some dried flowers, photos, or a recipe to share in the envelope as well.
  • Try out a new raw recipe.  Perhaps try one of our delicious recipes – and please let us know what you think!

2) Learn something new

Today, I picked up a book on organic chemistry from the library.  Seriously.  I honestly have no idea what I am getting myself into, but I wanted to learn about something completely foreign to me.  Learning new things keeps the brain young – always an important goal, even at my embryonic age of twenty-four.  Your subject of choice does not have to be as, well, dry and frightening as organic chemistry might be – learning anything new will do the trick.  Here are some ideas to begin with:

  • Learn a new instrument.  Speaking from eight years of music teaching experience, it does not matter how old you are – you can pick up a new instrument and do well.  Though you are probably unlikely to be performing with the LA Philharmonic anytime soon, you can certainly experience the joy of creating a beautiful phrase.
  • Learn about kinkajous!  A relative of the raccoon, this adorable creature enjoys honey, fruit, and insects.
  • Learn about a different culture.  Consider studying the Yanomami who live in the Amazonian rainforest in both Brazil and Venezuela.
  • Learn about ridiculously enormous sea creatures.  Fascinating.  Scary.  Really super awesome.

3) Watch this video. Feel free to laugh.

Wishing you all the best of Springtimes,



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