Suddenly Clear Skin: Thank-you Pumpkin Seeds!

February 27, 2010 at 4:05 pm Leave a comment

Most of the information we hear about skin care involves what we put on our skin, whether it be an exfoliating scrub, soothing facemask, cleanser, lotion, or sunscreen.  The most obvious skin treatment is frequently ignored entirely: what we eat.  Skin becomes truly vibrant from the inside out – otherwise, our skin care regimen becomes reminiscent of continuously bailing water out of a leaky boat without bothering to find and fix the leak.

Many lucky souls find that their skin starts to glow and clear up entirely after adopting a raw food diet.  I was not so fortunate.  My hair and nails definitely got stronger and I am sure in several ways my skin improved as well – but all I could see was the growing acne plaguing my face.  I tried every natural cleanser I could find with no improvement.  I simply could not figure it out: how could I feel so healthy in every way yet still be suffering from consistent acne breakouts?

Just over a month ago I took the first important step toward clearing my skin: I stopped popping any zits for any reason whatsoever.  I must admit I had always been one to manually help pimples along.  It turns out this gross and fascinating habit creates more and more pimples around the one that is popped (ever wonder why pimples come in clusters?).  After a few weeks of being very careful not to pick at my face, things had definitely improved.  The clusters were gone.  However, I still got singular zits rather consistently.

Enter the magical acne-curing food: pumpkin seeds.

After we filmed our “Five Milks in Five Minutes” episode a couple weeks ago, I started craving pumpkin seed milk regularly.  Every day for about a week and a half I have soaked, blended, and strained pumpkin seeds, blended the milk with a couple dates and a pinch of salt, and consumed with gusto.

Suddenly my skin is clear.  Absolutely no new pimples adorn my face.  Also, the redness from pimples past is quickly fading.  This is seriously the most dramatic change my skin has ever seen.  While I obviously can’t promise this will happen to anyone else, it is very clear that the pumpkin seed milk has done wonders for my skin.

Why would this be true?  The answer lies in the zinc.  Pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source of the mineral zinc, which has many positive effects on health and wellbeing – including helping to regulate the hormone levels that can produce acne and to speed up wound healing time.  Sometime soon I will put together a blog that goes into more detail about the numerous wonders of zinc, but for now let me just say how grateful I am to this mineral for healing my skin!  I will also express my gratitude to pumpkin seeds for tasting so very, very yummy.



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