Lara’s Raw Journey

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I am always interested to find out how and why people get involved in the living foods lifestyle.  Some start eating raw to cure a scary disease; some find it to be the ideal way to finally shed unwanted pounds for good; others simply yearn for more profound levels of health and find the concept of living foods to shine with common sense.  Today I thought I would share my raw story with you.

Partly due to my high metabolism, I grew up thinking I could get away with eating anything I wanted.  I had pancakes with butter and sugar for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch, some type of meat and white bread or pasta for dinner, and frequently a great deal of ice cream for dessert.  I occasionally had fruit, but vegetables were mostly limited to the iceberg lettuce in a Caesar salad or the tomato sauce on my cheese pizza.

Fortunately, my body did not put up with this terrible treatment for long.  By the time I was thirteen years old I was battling numerous health ailments, including hypoglycemia, PCOS, frequent migraines, severe joint pain, chronic fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalances, chronic digestion difficulties, etc.  I was also getting bronchitis and strep throat several times a year.  It pains me now to think about how many antibiotics I took during those years, contributing to full body Candida issues as well.

For years I was shuffled between doctors who all told me there was nothing they could do AND that what I ate would make no real difference.  One doctor even told me that I should not exercise as he had a theory that I had a virus in my muscles.  This meandering around in helplessness started to get old, so I decided to finally take my health into my own hands.

I read several books on alternative medicine and nutrition.  Over time I started to make little changes to my diet, adding more healthy whole foods and avoiding the highly processed “food” I had eaten freely before.  I noticed that my body had more energy and got sick less often.  Even so, I still experienced most of the same health ailments as before, just to a lesser degree.

During the autumn of 2007, I found myself losing my appetite for the foods I had always enjoyed.  I remember standing in a kitchen with a full pantry, famished, and unable to find anything I wanted to eat.  This was strange for me, as I had always had a rather ravenous appetite.  Animal products had also started to be unappetizing to me, both for taste and due to a gnawing concern for the ethical implications of eating animals.

After about a week of barely picking at food, I decided to wander aimlessly around the local health food market in hopes of finding something to fill my aching stomach.  As I listlessly rolled my cart around, something incredible happened: the raw foods section jumped out at me as though it was glowing in Technicolor amidst an otherwise bleak and gray background.  As though in a dream, I picked up a prepared raw sunburger meal, purchased it, walked out to my car and inhaled the entire thing (decorative lettuce leaf and all) immediately.  I felt alive for the first time in awhile.  A week later, when I finally realized my body was craving only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders.  Without so much as a last cooked meal, I became immediately 100% raw overnight.  It was only then that I did the research to find out why it is such a healthy way to live.

I would not necessarily suggest that anyone else make such a drastic and immediate change in diet.  My main point is simply to listen to your body; it will tell you what it truly craves if you give it the space to speak.

Happy Vibrant Eating!



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