Green Juice + Snow = ❤

February 4, 2010 at 12:46 am Leave a comment

Coming to Portland, Maine from Los Angeles has been wonderful.  It definitely helps that I love the snow, the folks in Portland have been very welcoming, and, well, it is beautiful in the Northeast Kingdom.  I also have to say that finding and working with the women of Vibrant Maine has been pretty darn rewarding.  In addition to integrating more living foods into my life and the communities I am a part of, I am also an aspiring herbalist.  Periodically I will be posting profiles of herbs that I use in my raw food recipes to highlight their amazing healing properties and what they have taught me so far in my work with them.  If you have a question about a particular herb or supplement, be sure to ask us about it in a  comment or email us directly at We value learning from each other at Vibrant Maine and we hope to promote this ethic with you through our growing online resources.

Part of what we envision on the Vibrant Maine blog is to share with you a little bit about our individual daily schedules and how we incorporate living foods into our lives.  So, the first thing that I enjoy foodwise each day is usually a Green Juice.  They are sometimes as sweet and simple as the Green Juice in our first video and other days a bit more fancy.  By fancy I mean that I really like making my juices dependent on what is seasonal, how cold it is outside (more ginger, please!), and what sort of new herbal teas I have been creating that may act as my base.  Below is a picture of one of my morning Green Juices cooling off as I run some errands downtown.

Here’s to a vibrant life from Vibrant Maine!



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